They sacrificed for our future,
let’s invest in theirs
Provide U.S. Military veterans with the necessary resources to train, certify and excel within America’s aviation industry

Welcome to Veteran Air Warriors

Veteran Air Warriors is devoted to helping our Military members develop the skills necessary to begin a successful aviation career.

Veteran Air Warriors (VAW) has developed a program, in cooperation with several strategic partners, to provide scholarships for training, mentorship and a solid career path to America’s military veterans, helping them become a successful professional in America’s aviation industry. More about VAW.

To learn more about what VAW can do for you or a veteran you may know, please click here to contact us and we will send you details about our program.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

They sacrificed for our future, let’s invest in theirs.

Veteran Air Warrior’s impact is a “Blessing” to Veterans

Veteran Air Warriors is humbled to have received this letter from a veteran participating in the VAW program. VAW was started to assist veterans in their transition from military life to a career in aviation. Many of these veterans have families to support and VAW is proud to assist in relieving the burdens that these veterans often bear while participating in flight training.  All of us at VAW are very proud to help veterans, and their families, prepare for a better tomorrow by building the foundations for a career in aviation.

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Our Interactive locator tool helps users locate education facilities and industry related employers. Our resources pages help by giving users direct access to necessary forms, financial aid, scholarship applications and government paperwork. The AG platform can lead users to an exciting, high-demand career maintaining and repairing aircraft or to other careers, including analyzing work methods and best practices, designing support systems for maintenance personnel, monitoring safety, developing and delivering training, and more. Learn more about Aviation Gig.